About Us

At Premier Commercial Real Estate, we are fortunate to have established certain values in our corporate culture that differentiate us from our competitors, not to mention we are a full-service firm, including an in-house CPA. Everyday our employees experience these, & one of them is solidarity. Solidarity means good relationships: Among ourselves, with our customers & our partners. This extends to our projects, social commitment & the lifelong connected ties we have to the community & its sustainable development. We are family-owned, operated and oriented. We treat our team & our clients like family.

Creating Revenue
We are privately held and not beholden to investors. We look at real estate from a long term perspective, not focused on quarterly metrics & short term numbers. We work with the rhythm of the business & inherent cyclical nature of real estate. We are focused on long-term goals and performance for our clients — quietly—with acumen.

Fresh Ideas
Driven by solutions, we are structured organically, around our clients’ needs. We are open to new ideas, new avenues of thought & best practices. We seek best-in-class service so our clients enjoy intelligent real estate solutions, tailored for their needs.

Principal Leadership
We value collaboration and focus on aligning solutions with client objectives. We don’t seek publicity or rankings on lists. We respect the privacy of our clients and protect their portfolio as if it was our own. We are exclusive but built on a platform of open, transparent architecture. As our client, you are a part of our team & a member of our professional family. We work for you!

Our clients deserve an experienced, aggressive, & knowledgeable broker. One that thinks like a CEO, performs like a CFO, & is nimble like an entrepreneur.

​​We see real estate from the customer’s perspective.

…a firm with one focus in mind: minimizing our clients’ financial exposure & creating revenue.

The Team

The management team of Premier Commercial Real Estate has more than 90 years of combined experience providing Real Estate solutions to our clients locally and across the country. Each member of management is cross-trained in the various disciplines; Office, Industrial, Retail, Land, Medical, and Investment Real Estate. This diverse knowledge is required to provide leading, premier service in the commercial real estate industry; after all, we are full-service.

While most traditional commercial real estate firms concentrate on transactions & volume, Premier’s heart & soul is a service-oriented approach that surpasses our clients’ expectations. We have set the benchmark in the Midwest for a comprehensive, client-oriented approach to commercial real estate. We start by listening to your needs & understanding the business strategies influenced by commercial real estate decisions; then, we evaluate the best structures/options to accommodate those strategies. As a result, we can anticipate needs, respond to changes in the marketplace, & adjust our approach to the unique dynamics of each clients’ situation.

Premier has had the privilege of working with individuals; regional, national & international corporations who appreciate our comprehensive approach to making wise real estate decisions. Our principals can provide you with a variety of case studies & testimonials from the many transactions & projects they have completed. These studies & testimonials are a window into how we provide strategic planning for our client base. We believe that by sharing this wealth of information, it leads to beneficial decision making on all types of projects. Personal service, combined with cutting-edge operating practices and procedures form a firm with one focus in mind: minimizing our clients’ financial exposure & creating revenue.

We are also proud to be affiliated with our international partner, TCN Worldwide Real Estate, who is ranked in the Top Ten in the world for brokerage & property management. TCN services over 200 markets across the globe. TCN has 60+ offices, 1,500+ professionals, 190,000,000+ SF managed & $47.3 Billion+ in transactions.